The Best PWAs: 50 Progressive Web App Examples in 2023

After upgrading their site to a PWA, the company saw a huge increase in total conversions across browsers. Users install apps to get a more focused experience than what they get from websites and achieve tasks more efficiently. They expect apps to be more streamlined, with less clutter, and to focus on the most important tasks. Many of the web app manifest members can be used to customize the way your app is displayed on the user’s device and integrate more deeply within the operating system. Feature detection also helps with Progressive Enhancement, a design philosophy that makes it possible to deliver a great experience to as many users as possible.

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It is considered the most mature and ‘full-packed’ among the frameworks on this list. To reduce the damage caused by future attacks, they were protecting power stations with blast walls. The five-day event allowed participants to share resources and knowledge and discuss current and emerging challenges and opportunities, as well as the importance of impact for investing in Africa.

How to Choose a Progressive Web App Framework: Top 8 Tools

PWA enables web apps to load when there is no network, sync in the background, and deliver a mobile app-like experience to the user. PWAs are designed to take advantage of native mobile device features without requiring the end user to visit an app store, purchase software, and download it locally. According to the latest pwa trends 2022 data from 2023, we’re glued to our phones for an average of 3 hours and 46 minutes per day, so all these features are necessary to maximize user interaction during that window. Native apps can, but development costs are higher, and a finished product can be too complex to perform stable enough (thanks, Java!).

Realizing that the market for health supplements has become more competitive than ever, US-based Pure Formulas is considered to be a pioneer in this industry when it comes to launching its own PWA. When it comes to PWA for online marketplace, trust Indian classified ads company With its robust categories that span from properties to fashion, sellers and buyers are better matched with the company’s PWA.

What does PWA mean?

The company’s popular software products are the Microsoft Office suite & Windows line of operating systems, and Edge web browsers. Created and released by Facebook in 2013, React is a JavaScript library for interface design. There are multiple JavaScript frameworks and instruments to build a progressive web app with, and each of them offer different capacities and capabilities. Yes, we can provide examples of successful PWA Solutions we have delivered for our clients.

pwa global

Please feel free to browse our reviews and complaints and share your own experience with PWA Global. Your feedback is an important part of our community and will help others make informed decisions. Latest browser developments allow users to install web apps on their home screen, receive push notifications, and even access offline. The whole process is essentially done for you, seamlessly converting your awesome web app into a mobile app users can download and install from the app stores.

Top PWA Examples: Travel and Booking

The PWA also offers expert tips through reviews, recommendations and advice on taking care of your auto. Joppy’s PWA is clearly designed for both recruiter and applicant (who are mainly in Barcelona) to make the application process more streamlined. Users place an order online and wait for the item to be shipped on the same day. After the rental period is over, the user will either have to return the item or opt to purchase it. This camera and home appliance rental marketplace is a solution to those who temporarily need such items. Offering a wide range of content from news to sports, travel to education, and weather to finance, MyNet is one of Turkey’s largest web portals.

  • Due to this, developers with other skills can effortlessly build an Ionic app.
  • The PWA has been added by more than half a million users from 55 countries to their home screens that resulted in an increase of 150% in engagement and 97% in click-outs to hotel deals based on Google’s report.
  • Spotify’s desktop and mobile app are replicated in the PWA, giving listeners the same convenience even when listening offline.
  • Your feedback is an important part of our community and will help others make informed decisions.
  • EIB Global is a specialised branch of the EIB Group devoted to increasing the impact of international partnerships and development finance.

Content-rich platforms that deliver personalized and interactive experiences, keeping your users captivated and coming back for more. Telegram reached more than one billion times, with 430 million downloads in 2021 alone. In addition to the Android and iOS platforms, the company has applications available for Apple macOS computers and Microsoft Windows. As mobile is becoming the most popular booking source among customers, developers created a PWA that resulted in a fast, dependable, and polished mobile web experience.

Top PWA Examples: Directory

The appearance of a plethora of gadgets whose screen size could vary significantly made it clear that native apps didn’t live up to the call of the times. Response to novel conditions came with the appearance of Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Web Application (PWA) is a type of web application built from web technologies like HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScrip.

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The Maui Strong Aloha Classic – World titles on the line.

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On the other hand, music teachers can develop interactive sessions using the tool. The PWA works very fast and offers easy booking solutions through a simplified process. The ride-hailing company placed its Window 10 app behind the scenes in 2018 in favour of the PWA that was first launched in July 2019. Covering almost 200 booking sites, the app works fast in terms of generating price comparisons.


But now we want to talk about Twitter Lite, which is a data and storage-friendly way to use Twitter on a smartphone. It’s a new mobile web experience that minimizes data usage, loads quickly on slower connections, is resilient on unreliable mobile networks, and takes up less than 1MB on a mobile device. PWA has allowed users to access many functions available to desktop users and native users of the mobile application.

To get its users the convenience of booking hotel rooms and flights, a PWA was built. Wego announced that it has reduced its page load time from 12 seconds to just under three seconds according to Google. Another leader in the online booking industry is Treebo, a hotel reservations platform. Offering accommodation choices in more than 165 cities in India, users can compare choices for the best deals. According to Google, the PWA’s goal was to improve the re-engagement of its 250,000 daily users who check their accounts four times on average every day. The PWA provides reliable price comparisons of cars according to user’s search preferences on city, driver’s age, date and time.

Best practices for PWAs

The first two reasons why the progress of progressive apps (the pun is intentional) isn’t that spectacular so far engender the third. Being quite satisfied with the status quo, companies don’t hurry to get their clients interested in novelties. Users are also comfortable with native apps and may even be afraid to replace them with new technology since the idea of accessing an app via a browser is still alien to many of them. Yet, as technical progress begot native apps, it was the same evolution that exposed their deficiencies.